Nordic Custom is a member of PTD Group

Who we are

We are AMBITIOUS and always striving for PERFECTION in our work and delivering an exceptional level of CRAFTSMANSHIP

We specialize in:

  • Manufacturing & welding service

  • Product development & improvement

Nordic custom team

Nordic Custom’s team consists of highly experienced specialists spanning the entire industry.

The team has been working together for the better part of the last decade and has been proven to deliver results every time. We are seasoned professionals that push the envelope and leave their mark behind.

Aleksandr: Quality & Procurement Manager

Aleksandr is a far thinking, philosophical man who holds the respect of those around him because of his great care for others. He reminds of a walking encyclopedia, who is interested in all the things in the world and who has not gone lost under the amount of information. In his work he is fast, punctual and knows exactly how to achieve the goals set. He is always sent by happy face and good mood.

Renee: Chief Project Officer

Behind the calm and positive look there is an intelligent mind, who does not miss a single detail. He is perfect project team leader and a person with great social skills, who through his knowledge and competence can direct people to the right path. Renee is excellent at creating very good working relationships between peers where all parties feel included and important. By doing this, he is able to form a cohesive team that can accomplish great things.

Aleksei: Production Manager

Aleksei is tough but fair leader, who is keeping order and clear mind. He is perfect at putting himself into customer shoes, which makes him understand customers needs and expectations. By honoring and combining old traditions with innovating solutions, he is able to find answers to the most difficult questions and is able to solve the most complex situations.

Kevin: CEO

Kevin is the perfect example of how passion can lead into real work. By putting his soul into everything he does, he would make every last detail for you with his own hands if he could. Kevin knows that if you want to get somewhere fast, you should go alone, however if you want to go far, you should go together. His primary skillset is to see the potential in others and he knows how motivate people to achieve a difficult goal together. He is a true enthusiast who lives 100% in the moment, but at the same time has his focus set on the future.